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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Feeling alien!

I try to get along
I refuse to feel among
I am too old to be misusing my words
My words are bridled to an extent
It is even going to get more bridled

The bible says, godly exercise profiteth much

So I cannot because of feeling among start
yarning O.P.K
I can be polite and cordial sha.

I really need the help of the Holy Spirit in developing good fruit
I want to walk in the Spirit
The scriptures say, "against these things, there is no law"

These things mean patience, kindness, self control, long suffering,
kindness, love, joy, self control & peace etc

I love to write
Stuff that blesses
and stuff that teaches.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

What kindness is not...

Kindness is so out of fashion
I feel outdated

I am not perfect
I try to be like everyone else
But the Spirit has got me hooked
Even when I wake up and am not conscious of me
I want to kind

Am I a robot?
Why do I want to be kind so?
Why do I respond with nice words
Instead of being nasty like everyone else

Why can't I be nasty?

Following Jesus is just a part of me now
Even if the whole world does not follow Jesus
I am going to be following Him

If I make a mistake, I will stand up
Make ammends and keep following Him
Because souls must be saved

These souls are unaware of what awaits them
in the next world

Souls must be saved
I repeat again and the fastest way to save souls is to live Christ
Any soul saved through any other route is just a church attendee but
not a follower of Christ

There is a grea reward for following Christ
But I am not doing for heaven or for the pleasure of receiving crowns
I do i, live my life the way I do, simply for the love of the Father.

I see many people who speak so rashly and claim Christianity by name
You have no idea who Jesus is and that you should look like Him
I look at them silently and just pray that God will touch them

Because when you don't conform to the image of God, there is sin festering
somewhere in your life.

You either go up or down, you don't remain the same
If your actions don't resemble Christ, they resemble the devil.
There are no two ways about it...

More than ever before
New Testament is new covenant
but even in the new testament, God does not violate the ten commandments
Instead the 10 commandments are fulfilled in the new testament.

The best way to live the Christian life is to walk in love
If you don't master walking in love, you may manifest His gifts but you will not have the honour of pleasing the Father.

God is pleased when we do the right thing.

He will forgive you when you do wrong but there is some intimacy that you will miss out of because when you do the wrong thing, the Holy Ghost goes silent on you.

He loves to prompt you in the direction that the Father wants you to go.

He is never involved in any scheme or scam, he's straightforward good.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2017: the best year ever

Happy New Year

It is going to be a great year
This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it

In it I have many great plans
I have presented them to God and He is committed to guarding those plans until they manifest
Because the glory has been restored
I have the permission of God to experience all of His promises
I have His permission to subdue opposition'

Every tongue that rises up against me in judgment is condemned according to the word of the Lord
I am seated in heavenly places and from there Christ and I watch over my dreams to ensure their fruition.

I may not understand Christianity completely
but I don't need to understand it
All I need to know is that in trusting the Lord who loves me
I can and do receive all o His promises to me

My great defender and protected sees ahead of me and settles the things that would trouble me
He breaks and He crushes everything that thinks to lie in wait for me
He handles my addresses
My responsibility is to believe and stand

I refuse to take action or make decisions on my own
I follow the leading of the Holy Ghost
I follow the instruction of the Holy Ghost
Because I am satisfied with the package/s God gives, has given me
because it is a complete package and He has a perfect heart towards me
God is goodness

He has good plans and no limits
Thank You Holy Ghost for counsel
Thank You because of who You are
Thank You for testings
Thank You for Your presence
Thank You for Your guidance and your protection
Thank You for when the wicked go after me, Your word already has an answer for them

Thank You because no matter how the darkness on the earth rears its ugly head
The glory of the Lord is risen upon me
The glory of the Lord shines through me
By it, I exercise dominion by the Spirit of the Lord

By that grace and endowment, I heal the broken heart, I set the captives free, I heal the sick, I raise the dead, I cast out devils. If I eat any deadly thing  or am bitten by any serpent unawares, it will not harm me. I have power to step upon snakes and scorpions and overcome all the powers of the enemy, nothing shall by any means hurt me.

I know who I am
I am a new man in Christ
I am seated in heavenly places in Christ.

I carry the gospel of the kingdom that makes the kingdom of heaven known to the earth and its people that they may choose the Lord.

I have been made alive with Christ
Resurrection power is at work in me
Everywhere I go, the presence of God is made known
The reality of God is made known
and because I have been ordained to go, warrior armies of angels are released to deal with my adversaries and opposition
The angels who once guarded Eden so that Adam and Eve would not come in go with me and mine and defend us against adversaries
They cut down the arrows of the enemy/wicked
They handle opposition on our behalf
We are protected and preserved by the Spirit of the Lord

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Buy the field...

Look for the treasure

The bible describes a treasure in an earthen vessel.
It says that the excellency may be of God and not of us.

If you are born again, the Holy Spirit is alive in you.
You might not be conscious of Him. You might think that you were created to attend church twice a week and smile and make nice, but no, you were made to discover that you are just like God (not lip service).

You were made (John 3:3) to discover your identity in Christ and then from that day live from that place. The place of knowing that you are a son/daughter of God because you chose to make Jesus Lord.

You must discover the treasure in you. you must seek to know of a certainty that the Spirit of God lives in you however many dissenting voices you may hear.

Truth is that is 1 million assenting voices tell you that the Lord almighty in the person of the Holy Ghost lives in you, until you believe it, it would make no difference to you or to the way you live.

Same way if a million or 100 million people told you that the Spirit of God does not live in you, the moment you have experienced relationship with the Holy Ghost and known His goodness and favour and glory, no one can convince you otherwise.


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Writing my heart...

I hate to write when I am hurt
because I expose too much

I am an expressive writer
A description on too
I wear my heart on my sleeve
and refuse to live a life that is less

Choosing less
eventually means that you are unwilling
to give life your all
To live to the fullest
and get out of it all that God has planned for you

I ask why there is so much wickedness on the earth and
God says nothing
other than, "I am with you"

Saddest thing is I still feel His presence
So I know He didn't vacate the throne for anyone
I am at fault
I am the one who didn't hear well
because I was busy trying to please he who cannot
or will not be pleased.

I feel deep compassion for those who do not know how to love
who are so deeply wounded that they must control others to feel okay
I feel sad that a relationship with the Holy Spirit is not an option

All that is on the plate is feeling in control
even when you are not.

To take another's life is not something man was made to enjoy
you have to be deeply troubled to see taking another's life as a solution
any solution

One of my earliest pastors says the sons of Eli and Samuel were the way they were

I have been listening to inspired music
and from time to time I cry from man's depravity
wondering how it will be explained.

I choose to be God's daughter

In spite of who will not live kingdom
I choose to live according to God's kingdom and the principles of King Jesus
There is no other way to live
Kuku be a sinner than to be posing in church and living the world system

I have prayed
I have asked the Lord to revenge because I can't
I still pray
I trust less

God keeps His word
Even when men can, they break their word
because their flesh still rules
where God should

You see, God forces no one to submit to Him
He still wants willingness
So its not coerced but true love

In other times I would have titled this post "A case for true love" but then I am not really in the mood but I choose to exercise and express faith because God still gives me those choices

Good Father
I truly love You
You didn't tell me how dark the earth would be else I would have agreed to surrender and kuku go
But since you give me chance again and again that cause people to strive and to scatter and to broil and to express amazing lengths of fleshy behaviour (rotten fruits) I choose too stay longer than most and express you to the fullest.

As much as you want to express I yield myself to You Spirit, soul and body. I wanted to say I promise to be wiser but that is a promise I cannot keep so I say, Lord, teach me to be wiser, Holy Spirit help me to soar. Lead me beside still waters, cause me to rise up with wings as eagles. Use me to end the reign of wolves. Guide me like you guarded Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Me and mine, bring us up to speed. Expand us on the inside enough to receive what you have for us, keep us from the evil in this world.

Give us the wisdom Jesus used in defeating the Sadducees and Pharisees. Give us the invincibility of John the divine. Use us for your glory. It may be a difficult life but it will also be a glorious one. Open our eyes to see our enemies early so we don't believe the lies they speak. Guide us into all truth at all times and teach us to love more in Jesus name, amen.

"A case for love"

Thursday, 22 September 2016

A few good men...

God is so faithful
I don't know why He is so good to me

He continues to be good all the time
He blesses me continually in spite of my many adversaries
I don't know how I keep getting them

Love this dress!

It's just me
I know how to gather enemies

Thank God for the friends that God put in my life
Faithful friends not because I am too special but because He's just good.

Daddy God, I am thankful

Just read it
The word hurts

It is a tragedy to discover too late that the father whom 
I thought was not perfect is more loyal than many who would claim to be faithful.

Loyalty and faithfulness,
Easy to claim but hard to show.

What is that thing that the writing classes always say "show, don't tell"
Everywhere I turn, I hear loyalty, loyalty
I have been hearing it for years now but I have not seen it

Loyalty is painful and few men/women have the stomach for it.
It is rare, just like honour and my father had it.
I wish I could have told him. 

This world can drain you of all the love inside you
if you are not depending on the love of God that has
been shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Ghost.

I have just one advice today:

If you see any human being that tells you trust me, and they have flesh and blood
Just run.

The man who trust in the arm of flesh...
na you know

When anyone does you good, they are under the influence of the Holy Spirit
When any man does you evil, they are under the influence of the flesh/devil

You can determine to stay under the influence of God.

If you trust in man, you would just go crazy and they would laugh behind their hands while giving platitudes "yes, we got her".


You know you have to keep up appearances.

I know a couple of people who loved to keep up appearances in the bible
The LORD wasn't pleased with them
He prefers authenticity

Authenticity is scarce
But I can't even imagine myself being fake

The best I can do is to be discreet

I pray for God's grace for the church without His grace or his reign over all things
There would be no hope

But hallelujah, He reigns over all things
He is sovereign
That is a reason to rejoice

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NB: The Holy Spirit guides the believer into all truth.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Writing: How to engage your readers?

I wrote this yesterday evening and scheduled it to go for 7.30am or thereabouts and only got 10 hits. "It" is an article on how Google Ads can make your business go wham bam with a bang.

Have you seen the funniest thing today, check out this Obama video. I think that he has been amazing as an American president and totally cool!

Obama was really funny
I saw him and wondered what it would be like if I was funny like him
I am funny like Me sha.


What is the most important thing about writing?

Today? Great internet
I have had bad network all day and just look funny to having a long night today
Tomorrow is all-night and God has made everything available for me to be there
So I have no excuses
Need to go home and sleep, I am going to have a long weekend.


Meditation scripture: A merry heart doeth good like medicine