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Friday, 8 June 2018

The kind of movies I watch

Denzel Washington's movies

I watch movies that means something

That means no horror and no thrillers

But I have always had a thing for Denzel Washington's movies

They have meaning

See this trailer and let me hear your thoughts

You should watch part 2

I want part 1 and part 2

It will be good.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Falz the bad guy be shaking the tables

Falz the bad guy shook so many tables
basically confronting corruption in different ramifications
and the various ridiculous metaphors of what is Nigeria

He even talked about Fulani herdsmen what even elected officers were afraid to talk about
He talked about money swallowing animals
Armed robber SARS that you have to bail yourself when they catch you
and yet even though the innocent are caught daily

They cannot touch the real criminals
You will enjoy the video
He touched on the health system, the hypocrisy of the church (my hand nor dey there o, let the Lord be the judge, I am not judging)

Electricity, #lazynigerianyouths, massacres, bailing yourself from police officers
yahoo, yahoo, the transmission dude,

A line in the song:

When looters and killers are still conducting elections

...This democracy
political hysteria

DIY: How to ensure that your land is real, before making a purchase.

I love my blog readers. I love myself.
In life, especially life in Nigeria where there can be as many scams as there are opportunities, a useful skill to acquire is the ability to distinguish between scams and the real. When it comes to land, there is some due diligence that you need to do so that your hard earned cash is invested in the right quarters.
In the days of family scamming each other, individuals or organisations scamming each other, just know that the first person you need is a lawyer (I can recommend some good ones if you need my help). Then please do not do business with your family, they will eat your money then look you in the eye and double dare you to get justice. DON'T. I have so many sob stories of people who have been scammed.
Pay your lawyer well so you can get good advice.
Get qualified people to handle the things that you need done, and don't think your presence is not needed in the investment decisions of life. Your absence from such financial deals is evidence that you will get scammed.
I want to share this article with you that teaches you all the legal documents you require before purchasing any land.
Land verification is an integral part of any real estate transaction. When purchasing a  land in Nigeria it is of utmost importance that you are well-informed on the details involved before you pay in cash for it. There are quite a number of things to look out for when you want to acquire a land in Nigeria. The modern day advent of real estate scam, potential trouble from thugs a.k.a omonile and fraud as made it quite necessary to carry out real estate transactions through a verified real estate company and reputable professionals like a lawyer, land surveyor and a real estate agent. Hiring professionals is important because they will assist you to do a proper land verification so as to avoid hiccups in the nearest future.
There are also vital documents that are quite important part of your real estate transactions. These documents are:
  • Survey Plan
  • Excision
  • Gazette 
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Deed of assignment
  • Governor's Consent
  • Receipt
None of the above documents can be substituted for the other. Each of the documents must be verified by experts in order to confer true ownership of the land. There are some guidelines to follow that would help you with your land verification. Below are the tips you should consider before you purchase any land in Nigeria:
  • Use a verified real estate platform in other to avoid been scammed by fraudsters.
  • Request for a copy of the survey plan and let the Surveyor help you cross check it with the coordinates
  • Ask for the excision file number of the intended land in order to check if the land is available
  • Ensure you allow your lawyer check the documents involved in the real estate transaction
  • Ask for the counsel of your  real estate agent about the  land
Verification is very critical in any real estate transaction. Buying a land without a verification process is highly risky venture. Kindly share your thoughts below with other PropertyPro readers.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The heavens rejoice!

There is no one happier about salvation than Jesus Christ
And heaven
The heavens rejoice

I love that people are getting baptized in the background
as she sings over them the words of deliverance and breakthrough


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

God of restoration!

Thank God for restoration
Rosa Simmons, next generation
Her father was a reverand
I am convinced he never stopped praying for her.

Thursday, 22 March 2018


Pet Planet International, the one stop hub for all your pet needs, aims to bring information and premium services to dog lovers around the world while, making owning a pet, stress free, has launched a mobile application for pet owners and pet lovers. The mobile application also known as the Pet Planet International app, will cater to the needs of pet owners and pet lovers with a vast array of available services.

Pet owners and pet lovers in Nigeria can now have access to premium pet services from world class pet handlers and vets. This includes purchase of a wide array of pedigree like Terriers, King Charles Cavaliers, French Bulldogs, Dachshunds and many more; protecting pets via pest control, pet merchandising, training, mating and boarding.

There is also a 24/7 online Vet help line available on the Pet Planet International app. Pet owners can reach out to the dedicated PPI Vet staff round the clock and even on holidays. Pet owners will also have their pets and pet needs delivered to their homes whenever they use the Pet Planet International app. A first of its kind service platform pet lovers now have access to the best services for their pets.

To enjoy these premium pet services, pet lovers should download the PPI app on their mobile devices via the Apple store or Google Play store and register as soon as possible, or visit for more information. Pet Planet International is your one stop hub for all your pet’s needs.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


African King of R&B and EME boss Banky W has an amazing Valentine planned out for some lucky fans this week as he rolls out his Valentine’s Day giveaway in collaboration with MTECH communications. Three lucky fans will win a Samsung phone when they stream Banky W’s valentine playlist which consists of his greatest hits Strong Thing, High Notes, Made for You, Yes/No, Jasi and many more.

Fans of the EME boss will also get a chance to call in and speak with him and also tweet him live on Valentine’s Day, as he will be spilling juice on his personal life and what he’s been up to, fans will also get to know what his plans are for Valentine’s Day. He will be live on air at the Beat 99.9 fm by 10 am on the 14th of February and later that day by 2pm he will be having a live twitter chat with fans on the Music Plus Tweet Guest. Fans should tune in and join the conversation with the hashtag #LiveWithBankyW and follow @_musicplus & @MtechNigeria so they don’t miss out on the gist. 

To qualify to win these amazing prizes fans can subscribe to stream Banky W’s Valentine playlist by texting 268 to 5900 (MTN Subscribers only), the top 3 streamers will be selected and they get to win a Samsung phone and recharge card vouchers, this promo ends on the 28th of February, 2018.

Banky W who had a fairy tale wedding with the vivacious Nollywood actress Adesua Etomi last year, recently released a video to his hit single “Love you Baby”.