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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Review: Temmy Turban

I was going to surprise you all with the picture of four turbans but I said no now, when people take time to read your blog, you have to make it worth their while.

I can't be cramming these beautiful turbans down your throat as if you guys asked for it.

How am I? The LORD is doing what He knows how to do best. He is restoring day and night. I think I should start teaching blogging and Social Media as a course. 

Okay so I would like to introduce you to these fancy looking turbans. If you are a lady you should buy some. If you are a man, show some love to the women in your life and buy some.

They look fabulous right? You have not seen anything yet.

This came to my inbox one morning.
As with a social media manager who has a blog, I was like, this could be exciting, let's try it.

I waited like two days for the delivery guy to bring it to my office, he kept claiming he lost his way etc and the like. So that we help his ministry let's not mention the company.

He finally brought it and I was apprehensive. 

So I was fooling around and tied it myself. Sorry about that funny paper on the cabinet behind me. I think the picture looks great but it does nothing for the turban so I am gonna tie it again and let's see the beauty of this turban that feels so good.

So did I tie this?

Absolutely not. My strengths are not in tying turbans, head tie, etc. I went and looked for a patient colleague to tie it for me.

Tie it, she did.

I think it looks fabulous!

So I am looking amazing. 
Some of my sisters from another mother say my makeup game is not bae but I think it is so no excess makeup for me.

Not that I am into being natural like some of my Nigerian sisters side eye at the chic that does spoken word. 

Path shining brighter till it is full day, yes it is!

How do the other end of the millennials say it?

I am feeling myself.

I think the turban is a-okay. In fact better than a-okay. Her name is Temmy Turban so if you want to buy a turban of any color, google Temmy Turban or search for her on instagram.

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