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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

WATCH: President Trump delivers a statement

I am proud of Trump
Politicians are never this straightforward
And never the media

I like it when someone makes a mistake and can apologize even when it makes you look silly
In the eyes of man, but not in the eyes of God

God bless him and give him the wisdom to lead
God bless my Nigerian leaders including Pres. Muhammadu Buhari and give him the wisdom he needs to lead also
And also to everyone working on the team.

Just wanted to put this up here.

Finally, a preaching post

I am going to preach a bit.

Yesterday I made a post about Charlottesville and what happened there. Today I am hearing about the mudslides in Sierra Leone. May God have mercy on Sierra Leone and cause the hearts of men to be moved for Sierra Leone. May men be sent by the LORD God to assist Sierra Leone in whatever way they can in Jesus name, amen.

House of Stark
I like Stark family because of the honour they display. I learned honour and love of country from my dad. My Dad taught me how to speak up for myself and how to be intelligent. He spoke with me about politics, economy etc. We didn't always agree but I could always talk with Him and for that I am grateful to my college pastor who made me buy 

What should be our response?
I am surprised. Sad. A little numb. Stuff like this has been happening for  a while, it has almost become common. Let me behave like the rest of the world a bit. You Christian people think the world is about to end, right?

What should be the response of the world?
What is their response. They are ruled by their flesh and sensory perception. If a mudslide is happening, they say thank God it's not me in their heart and offer some public compassion tale that does nothing about said thing happening.

What should be the response of believers?
You can give if you have. A dollar. Two dollars. Five dollars. A hundred dollars. A thousand dollars and what have you.

If you say I don't have that kind of money, you can pray a sincere prayer for them and God will respond. All the LORD needs is someone who will call our to Him from a heart of sincerity and He does respond.

There are some parts of the bible that just make you wonder. Which part you might ask?

One of those places is Genesis 4:26

"Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time people began to call on the name of the LORD."

The old testament was written for our learning.

So ask yourself, do you call upon the name of the LORD. This act was so significant that the bible had to note it. If you do not call upon the name of the LORD, you can start today. He is a great God. When you think that you know Him, you see another side.

My first three years of having Jesus I thought I knew the Lord but it is nothing compared to how I know the LORD now 17 years down the line. Now I have a precedence.

When I was in college, my pastor would say, do you have a precedence?
I had no precedence but my mom's faith and my dad's faith later in his life when he surrendered to God.

There was this time in 2011 he went to Kaduna and came back paralysed. I refused to confess that word then because I did not want to enforce it and little me laid hands on him and prayed with him in the name of Jesus. My father agreed to pray in the name of Jesus, that is a miracle in itself. We then took him to the hospital and he came back perfect a week later as if he didn't just have a stroke or whatever that was. The doctor was amazed. I was amazed. My siblings were amazed.

My father eventually died in 2015 October but he had known the power of God before then and yesterday I got a confirmation from the Lord that my father is with him, my mother too. 

What am I trying to say with this?

I now have a precedence, in fact many. I know God for myself, beyond my mother's faith.

We don't know the time or the hour. It sounds like a cliche but it is really important. Don't forget that you are a sojourner on earth and that 100 is small when compared with eternity.

Today I declared again that I am favoured. Someone mocked me with it last week. I had no emotional power to respond because my responding to said person wouldn't save a soul. That attack only served to remind me that I was to keep the word of God concerning me in the front of my eyes.

How do you maintain your Christian life?

You must remember that you have experienced the new birth even though your flesh, bones, eyes and nose make you think that you are just a man. You must remember that your spirit has been renewed and that the old man who could get sick, be poor, get offended, get affected by this physical world is dead and that the new man who experiences divine health, divine provisions, divine directions and divine instructions is the one who is alive with God.

I have been privileged to hear many great men minister. The Holy Ghost has been so good to me to give me favour with men of valour, strength and honour, imperfect but chosen by God all the same.

God has always graced me with epiphany moments.

This is the secret of how I triumph of over my enemies and adversaries. I go to the God who is greater than all. I call out. I pray. I cry. I do whatever I have to do but I connect with my LORD.

Today I believe that we are to respond from our heart and in accordance with the word of God and be instant in season and out of season. I receive the grace of God to be so in Jesus name, amen. 

Just make up your mind that the word of God is true above everything and everyone else because God does not lie.

The word of God will work for you from the moment that you surrender to it.

Quick Testimony:

Sometimes when I am angry with God and I think He doesn't hear me or isn't speaking to me as fast as I want Him to, I am like, if you don't care let me know o. I act out and try to go against the practices I have adopted based on my belief in the Lord.

E.g One of my pastors taught that the tithe is the FIRST 10% (If you don't pay your tithes just skip this part, we will talk about it another day). 

So sometime last week, I tried to take some money before paying my tithe because part of me was like if he is not listening, why do I bother myself doing all these things.

It was all because I had a bike accident. I was like, God how did that accident happen? Is your covenant one supposed to have an accident? Your covenant is airtight, what happened?

So I wanted to break my part of the covenant.

What did happen?

I had an accident so I was like, if God is not keeping His part, maybe He is releasing me from my part,

I slotted my card in the ATM and the ATM went blank. I tried to withdraw money and the money would not come out. A man came to the ATM and when he saw that my card was supposedly stuck in the ATM he rushed off.

It was dark. In my mind I was thinking, if thief comes and meets you here you will know yourself. Your only power is in God. See how you are holding mobile phone in your hands. Long and short of the story. I paid my tithes and the screen showed the name of the bank. Then my card came out. I slot it back in and withdrew the money to go home.

I was like, thank You God. If you are not in my movie, what would I do? 

Lesson: God is still holding me to my side of the covenant and I am holding Him to His. He's faithful. I have no idea how many times He has to prove His faithfulness but I am glad that He doesn't get tired of dealing with my idiosyncrasies.

I need to trust God more. So August and September I will use in exercising my trust in God a lot more. He is faithful.


Learn this lesson. It is important to your Christian life. These are the last days. You need to be able to exercise faith in God and be built up in Him.



"God said that He would destroy your past. Old things have been dealt with through the power of the Gospel and the death, burial and resurrection of Christ."

Monday, 14 August 2017

What happened in Charlottesville?

I am naturally curious.
I also have a short attention span so I get bored pretty easy.

I have two new goals added to my goal book.
It is operation: say no to being laid back.

I hate communicating. I do if I have to but my comfort zone is stay quiet, sit in front of my laptop and create stuff.

I wrote an article today. Why today? Usually my Mondays are cramped but that has changed and it's a good thing.

So no excuses that I am always busy on Monday any longer.

What happened in Charlottesville?

It is like what humans do when they fight and we love to fight over anything. I personally do not fight, I just excel at the things I set my mind to and ignore the things I am uninterested.

So this is a random post, no bible talk, no deep revelations, it is just a random post.

Please read the post on Charlottesville. It is important to keep up with world news as long as we don't let it affect our thinking patterns.

Read the post in the link below

This post was first published on BusinessDay.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Review: Temmy Turban

I was going to surprise you all with the picture of four turbans but I said no now, when people take time to read your blog, you have to make it worth their while.

I can't be cramming these beautiful turbans down your throat as if you guys asked for it.

How am I? The LORD is doing what He knows how to do best. He is restoring day and night. I think I should start teaching blogging and Social Media as a course. 

Okay so I would like to introduce you to these fancy looking turbans. If you are a lady you should buy some. If you are a man, show some love to the women in your life and buy some.

They look fabulous right? You have not seen anything yet.

This came to my inbox one morning.
As with a social media manager who has a blog, I was like, this could be exciting, let's try it.

I waited like two days for the delivery guy to bring it to my office, he kept claiming he lost his way etc and the like. So that we help his ministry let's not mention the company.

He finally brought it and I was apprehensive. 

So I was fooling around and tied it myself. Sorry about that funny paper on the cabinet behind me. I think the picture looks great but it does nothing for the turban so I am gonna tie it again and let's see the beauty of this turban that feels so good.

So did I tie this?

Absolutely not. My strengths are not in tying turbans, head tie, etc. I went and looked for a patient colleague to tie it for me.

Tie it, she did.

I think it looks fabulous!

So I am looking amazing. 
Some of my sisters from another mother say my makeup game is not bae but I think it is so no excess makeup for me.

Not that I am into being natural like some of my Nigerian sisters side eye at the chic that does spoken word. 

Path shining brighter till it is full day, yes it is!

How do the other end of the millennials say it?

I am feeling myself.

I think the turban is a-okay. In fact better than a-okay. Her name is Temmy Turban so if you want to buy a turban of any color, google Temmy Turban or search for her on instagram.