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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Writing my heart...

I hate to write when I am hurt
because I expose too much

I am an expressive writer
A description on too
I wear my heart on my sleeve
and refuse to live a life that is less

Choosing less
eventually means that you are unwilling
to give life your all
To live to the fullest
and get out of it all that God has planned for you

I ask why there is so much wickedness on the earth and
God says nothing
other than, "I am with you"

Saddest thing is I still feel His presence
So I know He didn't vacate the throne for anyone
I am at fault
I am the one who didn't hear well
because I was busy trying to please he who cannot
or will not be pleased.

I feel deep compassion for those who do not know how to love
who are so deeply wounded that they must control others to feel okay
I feel sad that a relationship with the Holy Spirit is not an option

All that is on the plate is feeling in control
even when you are not.

To take another's life is not something man was made to enjoy
you have to be deeply troubled to see taking another's life as a solution
any solution

One of my earliest pastors says the sons of Eli and Samuel were the way they were

I have been listening to inspired music
and from time to time I cry from man's depravity
wondering how it will be explained.

I choose to be God's daughter

In spite of who will not live kingdom
I choose to live according to God's kingdom and the principles of King Jesus
There is no other way to live
Kuku be a sinner than to be posing in church and living the world system

I have prayed
I have asked the Lord to revenge because I can't
I still pray
I trust less

God keeps His word
Even when men can, they break their word
because their flesh still rules
where God should

You see, God forces no one to submit to Him
He still wants willingness
So its not coerced but true love

In other times I would have titled this post "A case for true love" but then I am not really in the mood but I choose to exercise and express faith because God still gives me those choices

Good Father
I truly love You
You didn't tell me how dark the earth would be else I would have agreed to surrender and kuku go
But since you give me chance again and again that cause people to strive and to scatter and to broil and to express amazing lengths of fleshy behaviour (rotten fruits) I choose too stay longer than most and express you to the fullest.

As much as you want to express I yield myself to You Spirit, soul and body. I wanted to say I promise to be wiser but that is a promise I cannot keep so I say, Lord, teach me to be wiser, Holy Spirit help me to soar. Lead me beside still waters, cause me to rise up with wings as eagles. Use me to end the reign of wolves. Guide me like you guarded Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Me and mine, bring us up to speed. Expand us on the inside enough to receive what you have for us, keep us from the evil in this world.

Give us the wisdom Jesus used in defeating the Sadducees and Pharisees. Give us the invincibility of John the divine. Use us for your glory. It may be a difficult life but it will also be a glorious one. Open our eyes to see our enemies early so we don't believe the lies they speak. Guide us into all truth at all times and teach us to love more in Jesus name, amen.

"A case for love"

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