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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Buy the field...

Look for the treasure

The bible describes a treasure in an earthen vessel.
It says that the excellency may be of God and not of us.

If you are born again, the Holy Spirit is alive in you.
You might not be conscious of Him. You might think that you were created to attend church twice a week and smile and make nice, but no, you were made to discover that you are just like God (not lip service).

You were made (John 3:3) to discover your identity in Christ and then from that day live from that place. The place of knowing that you are a son/daughter of God because you chose to make Jesus Lord.

You must discover the treasure in you. you must seek to know of a certainty that the Spirit of God lives in you however many dissenting voices you may hear.

Truth is that is 1 million assenting voices tell you that the Lord almighty in the person of the Holy Ghost lives in you, until you believe it, it would make no difference to you or to the way you live.

Same way if a million or 100 million people told you that the Spirit of God does not live in you, the moment you have experienced relationship with the Holy Ghost and known His goodness and favour and glory, no one can convince you otherwise.


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