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Thursday, 22 September 2016

A few good men...

God is so faithful
I don't know why He is so good to me

He continues to be good all the time
He blesses me continually in spite of my many adversaries
I don't know how I keep getting them

Love this dress!

It's just me
I know how to gather enemies

Thank God for the friends that God put in my life
Faithful friends not because I am too special but because He's just good.

Daddy God, I am thankful

Just read it
The word hurts

It is a tragedy to discover too late that the father whom 
I thought was not perfect is more loyal than many who would claim to be faithful.

Loyalty and faithfulness,
Easy to claim but hard to show.

What is that thing that the writing classes always say "show, don't tell"
Everywhere I turn, I hear loyalty, loyalty
I have been hearing it for years now but I have not seen it

Loyalty is painful and few men/women have the stomach for it.
It is rare, just like honour and my father had it.
I wish I could have told him. 

This world can drain you of all the love inside you
if you are not depending on the love of God that has
been shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Ghost.

I have just one advice today:

If you see any human being that tells you trust me, and they have flesh and blood
Just run.

The man who trust in the arm of flesh...
na you know

When anyone does you good, they are under the influence of the Holy Spirit
When any man does you evil, they are under the influence of the flesh/devil

You can determine to stay under the influence of God.

If you trust in man, you would just go crazy and they would laugh behind their hands while giving platitudes "yes, we got her".


You know you have to keep up appearances.

I know a couple of people who loved to keep up appearances in the bible
The LORD wasn't pleased with them
He prefers authenticity

Authenticity is scarce
But I can't even imagine myself being fake

The best I can do is to be discreet

I pray for God's grace for the church without His grace or his reign over all things
There would be no hope

But hallelujah, He reigns over all things
He is sovereign
That is a reason to rejoice

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NB: The Holy Spirit guides the believer into all truth.