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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Job applications: Media World

I am always excited about these kind of jobs.
Jobs that glorify God
Jobs where you can witness and tell of God's goodness

People apply
It is an opportunity to do your work and also do ministry
It will have challenges

But wrapped inside challenges are opportunities to do what God has called you to do
Take advantage
Use this opportunity right

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Nigerian App Developers Make A New App To Replace Your Paper Business Cards With A Variety Of Virtual Cards

Talentpager Nigeria Limited, a Nigerian app developer announces their latest offering, CardPager- an app that enables you create a digital business card in about 5 minutes.
The Idea:
Have you ever been at an important meeting and realized you forgot your complimentary card? Well, worry no more, CardPager – Digital Business Card Creator has got you covered.
Sometimes carrying about a bunch of business cards can be a hassle. People typically do not forget their phones as much they forget carrying their complimentary cards. With the CardPager app installed on your smartphone, you can now connect with your personal or professional contacts by just using your virtual business cards.
Using Card Pager Virtual Business Cards, you can create and share your business contact information in the form of a digital card via QR Code scanning, Pin share, Bluetooth, email, sms etc.
Cardpager Features:
1. Easy Virtual Card creation
2. Ability to attach a .pdf .doc file to your virtual card which could be your CV or a pitch file summarizing your key business idea or business information.
3. Easy Digital Card exchange with other users via QR Code scanning, Pin share, Bluetooth.
4. One way Virtual card share via Bluetooth, email, sms.
5. Ability to choose from a wide range of digital card designs from our theme collection
6. Ability to edit your virtual cards each time your personal or professional information changes without having to spend money printing new paper business cards.
CardPager is currently available only for android users and new business card designs are regularly added to our theme store. Apps for other platforms are underway.
Download Cardpager digital business card creator from google play store- see link
Visit for more information about CardPager, The Digitial Business Card Creator

Friday, 1 April 2016

How to know that you wrote something good? #Writing

How I love to write
when do I write my best
I write my best, most authentic stuff when I have been pushed to the wall
I write terrific stuff when I am angry at some injustice
When I want to change culture
When I want to raise awareness for something that would change another's life.

How do I write my worst?
I write my worst when I am compelled to write
Or when I am just putting in my quota

The good and the bad thing about being an artist is that my emotions will sometimes control the kind of writing that I do.
Sometimes the emotion will work for me and sometimes it will work against me

What is the best way to write a good article or good story?

You need to keep writing until you feel the energy in your writing, till the dialogue gets the blood pumping in your veins and you can't wait to finish the books because the words have captured your imagination.

So much that when you are sleeping at night, you can still remember the words that you read in the book.

That's good writing.
Where you should be aspiring to
Where I should be aspiring to

After you have gone through all these writing stages, know that what you have is a draft

  1. Now you must organise
  2. Edit
  3. Edit again
  4. Check for grammatical errors
  5. Have an editor read through because no matter how good you are, there are some things you will miss.

Try to write something everyday even if it is just a letter.