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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

On writing and how your muse is... people!

On writing
I love writing
I hate writing and
sometimes I have writer's bloc
Or evade writing real, authentic, honest stuff

So I have several blogs
I haven't written anything from my heart for a while
I have been writing a lot of stuffs
but nothing that touches my heart
nothing that I will come back to read because I believe it's a big deal

How's my yearly plan going?
I have everything planned for 2016 written down
Well as far as I can see
Am I going to be more sassy this 2016?

I am naturally witty
and since I don't let the wit out of my mouth most of the time
I am going to have to let it out on paper
I should be going home, work has been over for an hour.

Good evening

One opinionated writer

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