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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

I love it when I meet...

I love it when I meet conflict
It tells me whether I am still being led by the Spirit of God or if my flesh is leading me.

I passed this test, I don't know if I will be alert enough to pass the next one but I am glad that I passed this one.

I feel so proud right now. Ecstatic inside.

This is so profound
Most people are constantly talking about their humanity, I feel like I am from another planet. What about we recognize our divinity.

When God gives birth to us, if we really understand what the new creation means, we are more than this flesh on the outside. Our spirit man is made alive.

I am sorry to say not true, I am very happy to say that many Christian practice behavioural modification and call it Christianity. If you are not aware of the new man in Christ, let me inform you that you are in school, cramming what the teacher is saying but putting none of it into practice and thus failing exams.

I'm saved and so I walk in the Spirit
How do I do that?
God is spirit, I am spirit, shouldn't it be natural for me to walk in who I am predominantly?
It's a switch

When you remember who you are, you will function as who God made you.

I hear this thing about demons this, demons that...
It ticks me out really, it does.

If you can acknowledge demons, why do you find it difficult to acknowledge angels.
The way my mama told me the story, satan got kicked out of heaven for attempting to be like God and he took 1/3 rebel angels along with him. 

If I understand my maths perfectly, that means that for every demon there are two angels. The angels are more. If I understand what revelation says, there are a multitude of angels, can you define multitude?

I don't get it when Christians constantly confessing the wrong stuff in the name of gossiping or lame attempts to tear others down. My bible tells me that you will have what you say. Better watch yourself, whatever you saying, you will see. Even when its a joke.

My bible says in Hebrews that the angels are sent for the heirs of salvation. From Daniel, I understand that any time you get an answered prayer, an angel has been at work around you.

Demons are sent to spoil, angels are sent to do the will of God on earth. Empower the one you want functioning around you by the words you speak. God sees you as a king even if you may not always see yourself that way. He sees you as His own and taken care of.

Let me cut through the long lecture:

God is sovereign
God is king
His kingdom rules
You are a king's kid
You are a king also
Speak what you want
Your Father-God wants to take care of you.

Remember that you are saved and so walk in the Spirit

You want a definition
Read Galatians 5:16-23

No one is greater than the word of God
If you cannot submit yourself to God's word
How do you want to access the authority of God to live a victorious life on earth?

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