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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Buy the field...

Look for the treasure

The bible describes a treasure in an earthen vessel.
It says that the excellency may be of God and not of us.

If you are born again, the Holy Spirit is alive in you.
You might not be conscious of Him. You might think that you were created to attend church twice a week and smile and make nice, but no, you were made to discover that you are just like God (not lip service).

You were made (John 3:3) to discover your identity in Christ and then from that day live from that place. The place of knowing that you are a son/daughter of God because you chose to make Jesus Lord.

You must discover the treasure in you. you must seek to know of a certainty that the Spirit of God lives in you however many dissenting voices you may hear.

Truth is that is 1 million assenting voices tell you that the Lord almighty in the person of the Holy Ghost lives in you, until you believe it, it would make no difference to you or to the way you live.

Same way if a million or 100 million people told you that the Spirit of God does not live in you, the moment you have experienced relationship with the Holy Ghost and known His goodness and favour and glory, no one can convince you otherwise.


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Writing my heart...

I hate to write when I am hurt
because I expose too much

I am an expressive writer
A description on too
I wear my heart on my sleeve
and refuse to live a life that is less

Choosing less
eventually means that you are unwilling
to give life your all
To live to the fullest
and get out of it all that God has planned for you

I ask why there is so much wickedness on the earth and
God says nothing
other than, "I am with you"

Saddest thing is I still feel His presence
So I know He didn't vacate the throne for anyone
I am at fault
I am the one who didn't hear well
because I was busy trying to please he who cannot
or will not be pleased.

I feel deep compassion for those who do not know how to love
who are so deeply wounded that they must control others to feel okay
I feel sad that a relationship with the Holy Spirit is not an option

All that is on the plate is feeling in control
even when you are not.

To take another's life is not something man was made to enjoy
you have to be deeply troubled to see taking another's life as a solution
any solution

One of my earliest pastors says the sons of Eli and Samuel were the way they were

I have been listening to inspired music
and from time to time I cry from man's depravity
wondering how it will be explained.

I choose to be God's daughter

In spite of who will not live kingdom
I choose to live according to God's kingdom and the principles of King Jesus
There is no other way to live
Kuku be a sinner than to be posing in church and living the world system

I have prayed
I have asked the Lord to revenge because I can't
I still pray
I trust less

God keeps His word
Even when men can, they break their word
because their flesh still rules
where God should

You see, God forces no one to submit to Him
He still wants willingness
So its not coerced but true love

In other times I would have titled this post "A case for true love" but then I am not really in the mood but I choose to exercise and express faith because God still gives me those choices

Good Father
I truly love You
You didn't tell me how dark the earth would be else I would have agreed to surrender and kuku go
But since you give me chance again and again that cause people to strive and to scatter and to broil and to express amazing lengths of fleshy behaviour (rotten fruits) I choose too stay longer than most and express you to the fullest.

As much as you want to express I yield myself to You Spirit, soul and body. I wanted to say I promise to be wiser but that is a promise I cannot keep so I say, Lord, teach me to be wiser, Holy Spirit help me to soar. Lead me beside still waters, cause me to rise up with wings as eagles. Use me to end the reign of wolves. Guide me like you guarded Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Me and mine, bring us up to speed. Expand us on the inside enough to receive what you have for us, keep us from the evil in this world.

Give us the wisdom Jesus used in defeating the Sadducees and Pharisees. Give us the invincibility of John the divine. Use us for your glory. It may be a difficult life but it will also be a glorious one. Open our eyes to see our enemies early so we don't believe the lies they speak. Guide us into all truth at all times and teach us to love more in Jesus name, amen.

"A case for love"

Thursday, 22 September 2016

A few good men...

God is so faithful
I don't know why He is so good to me

He continues to be good all the time
He blesses me continually in spite of my many adversaries
I don't know how I keep getting them

Love this dress!

It's just me
I know how to gather enemies

Thank God for the friends that God put in my life
Faithful friends not because I am too special but because He's just good.

Daddy God, I am thankful

Just read it
The word hurts

It is a tragedy to discover too late that the father whom 
I thought was not perfect is more loyal than many who would claim to be faithful.

Loyalty and faithfulness,
Easy to claim but hard to show.

What is that thing that the writing classes always say "show, don't tell"
Everywhere I turn, I hear loyalty, loyalty
I have been hearing it for years now but I have not seen it

Loyalty is painful and few men/women have the stomach for it.
It is rare, just like honour and my father had it.
I wish I could have told him. 

This world can drain you of all the love inside you
if you are not depending on the love of God that has
been shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Ghost.

I have just one advice today:

If you see any human being that tells you trust me, and they have flesh and blood
Just run.

The man who trust in the arm of flesh...
na you know

When anyone does you good, they are under the influence of the Holy Spirit
When any man does you evil, they are under the influence of the flesh/devil

You can determine to stay under the influence of God.

If you trust in man, you would just go crazy and they would laugh behind their hands while giving platitudes "yes, we got her".


You know you have to keep up appearances.

I know a couple of people who loved to keep up appearances in the bible
The LORD wasn't pleased with them
He prefers authenticity

Authenticity is scarce
But I can't even imagine myself being fake

The best I can do is to be discreet

I pray for God's grace for the church without His grace or his reign over all things
There would be no hope

But hallelujah, He reigns over all things
He is sovereign
That is a reason to rejoice

Blog readers, it is no longer blogville but it is still a family.

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NB: The Holy Spirit guides the believer into all truth.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Writing: How to engage your readers?

I wrote this yesterday evening and scheduled it to go for 7.30am or thereabouts and only got 10 hits. "It" is an article on how Google Ads can make your business go wham bam with a bang.

Have you seen the funniest thing today, check out this Obama video. I think that he has been amazing as an American president and totally cool!

Obama was really funny
I saw him and wondered what it would be like if I was funny like him
I am funny like Me sha.


What is the most important thing about writing?

Today? Great internet
I have had bad network all day and just look funny to having a long night today
Tomorrow is all-night and God has made everything available for me to be there
So I have no excuses
Need to go home and sleep, I am going to have a long weekend.


Meditation scripture: A merry heart doeth good like medicine

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Job applications: Media World

I am always excited about these kind of jobs.
Jobs that glorify God
Jobs where you can witness and tell of God's goodness

People apply
It is an opportunity to do your work and also do ministry
It will have challenges

But wrapped inside challenges are opportunities to do what God has called you to do
Take advantage
Use this opportunity right

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Nigerian App Developers Make A New App To Replace Your Paper Business Cards With A Variety Of Virtual Cards

Talentpager Nigeria Limited, a Nigerian app developer announces their latest offering, CardPager- an app that enables you create a digital business card in about 5 minutes.
The Idea:
Have you ever been at an important meeting and realized you forgot your complimentary card? Well, worry no more, CardPager – Digital Business Card Creator has got you covered.
Sometimes carrying about a bunch of business cards can be a hassle. People typically do not forget their phones as much they forget carrying their complimentary cards. With the CardPager app installed on your smartphone, you can now connect with your personal or professional contacts by just using your virtual business cards.
Using Card Pager Virtual Business Cards, you can create and share your business contact information in the form of a digital card via QR Code scanning, Pin share, Bluetooth, email, sms etc.
Cardpager Features:
1. Easy Virtual Card creation
2. Ability to attach a .pdf .doc file to your virtual card which could be your CV or a pitch file summarizing your key business idea or business information.
3. Easy Digital Card exchange with other users via QR Code scanning, Pin share, Bluetooth.
4. One way Virtual card share via Bluetooth, email, sms.
5. Ability to choose from a wide range of digital card designs from our theme collection
6. Ability to edit your virtual cards each time your personal or professional information changes without having to spend money printing new paper business cards.
CardPager is currently available only for android users and new business card designs are regularly added to our theme store. Apps for other platforms are underway.
Download Cardpager digital business card creator from google play store- see link
Visit for more information about CardPager, The Digitial Business Card Creator

Friday, 1 April 2016

How to know that you wrote something good? #Writing

How I love to write
when do I write my best
I write my best, most authentic stuff when I have been pushed to the wall
I write terrific stuff when I am angry at some injustice
When I want to change culture
When I want to raise awareness for something that would change another's life.

How do I write my worst?
I write my worst when I am compelled to write
Or when I am just putting in my quota

The good and the bad thing about being an artist is that my emotions will sometimes control the kind of writing that I do.
Sometimes the emotion will work for me and sometimes it will work against me

What is the best way to write a good article or good story?

You need to keep writing until you feel the energy in your writing, till the dialogue gets the blood pumping in your veins and you can't wait to finish the books because the words have captured your imagination.

So much that when you are sleeping at night, you can still remember the words that you read in the book.

That's good writing.
Where you should be aspiring to
Where I should be aspiring to

After you have gone through all these writing stages, know that what you have is a draft

  1. Now you must organise
  2. Edit
  3. Edit again
  4. Check for grammatical errors
  5. Have an editor read through because no matter how good you are, there are some things you will miss.

Try to write something everyday even if it is just a letter.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Blogging just because...

2016 is my year of living more authentic than ever.

I tried to act once, when I was doing that and flowing with the crowd, the Holy Ghost just kept nudging me gently but consistently to live my authentic self.

There is no guile for me. If I practice guile, I am on my own. Why would I stay on my own when I can have Jehovah Shammah in the midst of me.

I want to talk about love today.

Walking in love is not easy for me. Like it is not easy for everyone else who lives in this flesh. Something that this fasting month has done for me is show me my excesses where I thought I had none.

This month I am working on patience. I believe I have so much patience, in fact I believe I am a boz (the major actor in a movie) but in this month the Holy Ghost has shown me that I have more fruit to develop as much as I believe that I have developed so much.

I know that I am spirit not flesh and because I am spirit I can do anything that God says I can do. God says that I can walk in the spirit.

So using this picture above that inspires me so much I say I'm saved and so I can walk in the Spirit all of the time by the grace of God and by the help of God.

When you read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 you can be easily intimidated by all these amazing qualities that no one can possess completely. I set myself free by knowing that Jesus possesses all these qualities and that the same Jesus that has these qualities lives in me.

This is why I know I have the love of God in me. This love in me helps me overcome every challenge that comes my way. The scriptures say that the love of God has been shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost.

So don't excuse your wrongs by saying that because of your flesh you can't do right, know that because the Holy Spirit is in you, you can do right.

You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and you can do right. You don't do right and become righteous. You come to understand that confessing Jesus as Lord makes you righteous and thus releases you, give you power and dominion to walk righteous. To do right. To access God's kingdom. This is your privilege as God's child and gives you the right to live victorious in every area.

This is my writing blog, I am not supposed to be preaching on this blog. This is good writing though, I hope you enjoy it. 


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

I love it when I meet...

I love it when I meet conflict
It tells me whether I am still being led by the Spirit of God or if my flesh is leading me.

I passed this test, I don't know if I will be alert enough to pass the next one but I am glad that I passed this one.

I feel so proud right now. Ecstatic inside.

This is so profound
Most people are constantly talking about their humanity, I feel like I am from another planet. What about we recognize our divinity.

When God gives birth to us, if we really understand what the new creation means, we are more than this flesh on the outside. Our spirit man is made alive.

I am sorry to say not true, I am very happy to say that many Christian practice behavioural modification and call it Christianity. If you are not aware of the new man in Christ, let me inform you that you are in school, cramming what the teacher is saying but putting none of it into practice and thus failing exams.

I'm saved and so I walk in the Spirit
How do I do that?
God is spirit, I am spirit, shouldn't it be natural for me to walk in who I am predominantly?
It's a switch

When you remember who you are, you will function as who God made you.

I hear this thing about demons this, demons that...
It ticks me out really, it does.

If you can acknowledge demons, why do you find it difficult to acknowledge angels.
The way my mama told me the story, satan got kicked out of heaven for attempting to be like God and he took 1/3 rebel angels along with him. 

If I understand my maths perfectly, that means that for every demon there are two angels. The angels are more. If I understand what revelation says, there are a multitude of angels, can you define multitude?

I don't get it when Christians constantly confessing the wrong stuff in the name of gossiping or lame attempts to tear others down. My bible tells me that you will have what you say. Better watch yourself, whatever you saying, you will see. Even when its a joke.

My bible says in Hebrews that the angels are sent for the heirs of salvation. From Daniel, I understand that any time you get an answered prayer, an angel has been at work around you.

Demons are sent to spoil, angels are sent to do the will of God on earth. Empower the one you want functioning around you by the words you speak. God sees you as a king even if you may not always see yourself that way. He sees you as His own and taken care of.

Let me cut through the long lecture:

God is sovereign
God is king
His kingdom rules
You are a king's kid
You are a king also
Speak what you want
Your Father-God wants to take care of you.

Remember that you are saved and so walk in the Spirit

You want a definition
Read Galatians 5:16-23

No one is greater than the word of God
If you cannot submit yourself to God's word
How do you want to access the authority of God to live a victorious life on earth?

Friday, 22 January 2016

What happens when someone googles your name?

When you type your name into google, what comes up? When you type your company name into google, what comes up? When you type your business rival's name into google, what comes up?

What shows up is what the public gets to see, or how much they can get to know you from the internet. It is known in digital marketing circles as "Building Authority".

I know your company is good
I guess your company is good

I will never know until you can communicate your company and its values adequately using the online tools of this generation.

What are your social media channels saying to your potential market?
What is your website saying?

Yes, Google said it.

1.17 billion people use Google to search for the things they are looking for on the internet. If you take care of your website and social media, you are 40% more likely to be found on the internet.

Don't forget to make your website mobile friendly so that the 93 million mobile users in Nigeria can find you, if your business is in Nigeria and more if your business is international.

Some of the things that should be on your website and on your social media channels are:

- Your years of experience in say, marketing or in website design
- Your list of skills and possibly a portfolio
- Your qualifications
- Your past clients

Pictures and videos are the way to go in #2016, they are very engaging and people use more data than they have ever used in the last 10 years, especially with the influx of #android phones into the Nigerian market.

Be committed to building trust via open communication on the web (website and social media platforms). Be consistent.

Answer questions/inquiries. Be smart about meeting your clients, offices or open and safe spaces to explore business ideas or proposals. 

Treat your customers like royalty and they will give you the same treatment. Be upfront about the benefits that you will provide. Discuss everything.

Stats on internet usage in Nigeria
Stats on mobile users in Nigeria

Scripture Backing for Success
Joshua 1:8

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

If you're new to Twitter, allow me help!

This should help in getting 30,000 followers. Click here

I read this in 2014 when I was working for a real estate company as a social media executive, I was very good at it. It was fun thinking on my feet and creating new ways to communicate the brand to the most important person in any campaign, the audience (you). Any company's product is all about you. Yes, the product may be targeted at a certain demography but is never complete without you. So I celebrate you and what you have to say, it makes it easier to serve you better.

I have almost 2000 followers on Twitter
I tweet everyday. Let's take a look at today's tweet. I am going to embed one tweet that says something about who I am.
Yes, I believe I am creative. My almost 5000 friends on Facebook who consist of friends, family, colleagues and amazing Facebook fam will agree with me, they get to experience my creativity day and night.

Do you want 30,000 followers?

Well that is possible. Let's start with the simple target of getting 2000 followers who like you and won't follow and unfollow you in a whim but are really interested in you and in your product.

Everything I tell you in this post works. I have put it to practice and analyzed and re-analyzed.

Guess who? Udo Okonjo
I manage several blogs and several social media accounts along with a team of two other geniuses who have varying interests. You could call them exquisite, they think like no other person on the earth and are amazingly creative. They are experts in everything called beautiful or art or beautiful art. I am blessed to have them working with me to achieve my dream.

I manage two blogs and different Facebook, Twitter and other media channels. I focus on three major ones but from time to time I swim in the waters of all the different media channels.

I used to dream of being this kind of assistant, super efficient, beautiful and still am in possession of a brain that works. It is easy to impress a man when you are working because all he cares is about the bottom-line, do your job. With a woman, you need to go tenn extra miles.
I love working for both men and women, they bring out amazing qualities in you if you let them. I also work with male or female interns, if you pass the interview. Now I am more of the boss woman in "The Intern", have you watched it.

Here's the trailer

Another on Twitter, don't act. Be yourself. Communicate. Twitter is full of people like you, people of faith and purpose who are busy pursuing their dreams also and making the world a better place at the same time. Do both. Don't just pursue your career, ensure that you serve your generation while you are at it.

I still want to dress amazing and chic. I am chic right now but the flats take the elegance out of everything. I am just a tad elegant with smart sensible shoes. I love my smart, sensible shoes because my calf don't hurt at night when I want to sleep and think of how to use my creativity to change my world the next day.

- Build relationships as much as it is within your power, it opens you up to meet other great people. God has made many, they are out there, just reach out and say hi. Everyone is on twitter to talk to others.

- Tweet everyday, no matter how small or how much. There is never a wrong or a right thing to say, let moderation guide you though.
- Be yourself. Don't put all your secrets out there but don't be afraid to be vulnerable if it makes some other person's life better or encourages another person

Please don't join the nasty crowd, everyone is fighting one battle or the other, don't make it more difficult by being difficult and do be a listening ear. 

BUT if you are running a professional account, while being open, remember that you are representing another company. Put the brand first and never have any altercations with a company brand twitter account.

Communication changes all the time, be ready to change as it does

I am a very important personality on Twitter, so important that John Maxwell follows me. That is one of the advantages of Twitter, you get to meet and talk one on one with these amazing people who are changing your life so you change the life of others.

Don't advertise on Twitter, instead engage. Be polite, be friendly, be helpful. Use twitter as a BMW to drive traffic to your blog or website. 

Don't use swear words, it is viewed as irresponsible and you won't get the crowd you are looking for using that strategy.

No swearing!

If you are running your company account, remember not to
 tweet on your company info only. 


Chip in about 20% company hardcore content and then the remain 80% should be used in educating, entertaining and sharing.

Do let me know what you learned or your comment or your observation.
To enjoy your twitter account when you wake up in the morning, follow these fabulous people on twitter

Renowned author and speaker

Millionaire real estate female, she's Nigerian too.

Interesting guy who edifies the soul with his words, buy his books.

The 21-year old or the 23-year old with the baby mama drama that happened around Christmas. He's also a very successful music artiste

My social media account for my company, if you need any help holla at me.

Photo Credit: Google

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

On writing and how your muse is... people!

On writing
I love writing
I hate writing and
sometimes I have writer's bloc
Or evade writing real, authentic, honest stuff

So I have several blogs
I haven't written anything from my heart for a while
I have been writing a lot of stuffs
but nothing that touches my heart
nothing that I will come back to read because I believe it's a big deal

How's my yearly plan going?
I have everything planned for 2016 written down
Well as far as I can see
Am I going to be more sassy this 2016?

I am naturally witty
and since I don't let the wit out of my mouth most of the time
I am going to have to let it out on paper
I should be going home, work has been over for an hour.

Good evening

One opinionated writer

Friday, 15 January 2016

Writing better


It is an expression of your inner self
and expression of who you are
It is a beautiful blend of words that touches
first the soul writing and then the soul reading

It should change something in you
Or touch something in you
It should provoke humanity to rise up and get involved


Writing is art!